Many people give little consideration to the choice between a locally owned business versus a chain when deciding where to shop or purchase services. Or…

Little consideration to the choice between a locally owned businesses in the town they live in and another city or the internet.

Not realizing the many benefits to their city’s economy by choosing local over non-local. Unaware of the many hidden costs of opting to purchase from big boxes, other cities, or the internet.

This trend of spending in other cities and online not only poses a threat to local independent businesses…...It is also sends sales tax dollars to go with those dollars that are spent.

Sales tax dollars are vital to the local economy, providing updated schools, safe roads, proper police fire and rescue, community parks and recreation and more.

                                                           A Better community for our families

                        The Bottom Line


Approximate gross retail sales in Harvey County

Jan.  2012                            $30,881,957.00                                            Feb. 2012                             $33,240,781.00                                             Mar. 2012                             $28,452,543.00                                             Apr. 2012                              $27,992.684.00                                             May 2012                              $32,516,087.00                                            Jun. 2012                              $30,877,801.00

                    Total                $183,961,853.00

Average Monthly gross retail sales in Harvey County      $30,660,308.00...thats right over 30 Million!


Of that Harvey County Receives 2% which is a monthly average of         $613,206.16

IF:  We can increase Gross retail sales (Local Spending) by only 1%

Harvey County would average an ADDITIONAL PER MONTH                  $6,132.06 or  $73,584.12 Annually

$30,660,308.00 + 1%= $30,966,911.00 (additional $306,603.00)

                                                                                     X 2 % = $6,132.06


 For every 1 % increase in local spending $’s, Harvey County would receive an ADDITIONAL:

 1% =     $6,132.06   which is annually     $73,584.72

 2%=    $12,264.12                                   $147,169.44      

 3%=    $18,396.18                                    $220,754.16

 4%=    $24,528.24                                    $294,338.88

4.6%= $28,207.48                                     $338,489.76

 (4.6 is the National Average Increase in sales in cities with a Buy Local Campaign)     

 Does not include additional taxes on –fuel- tobacco- alcohol.                                                 



We realize that buying local may not always be possible, we just ask you to THINK LOCAL FIRST