A grassroots movement to educate the public of Harvey County on the benefits of buying locally and to encourage people to “think local first” when making their purchasing decisions.

History of Buy Harvey

In November of 2011, 18 businesses got together to discuss and share ideas to educate Harvey County residents on reasons to Buy Local.

There were two objectives:

  • Increase Buy Local awareness
  • Share cross promotion ideas between local businesses

Out of that first discussion came the name BUY HARVEY


Buy Harvey continues to meet monthly with focus on those same two objectives.


In February 2012, several volunteers formed the Buy Harvey Steering Committee to meet weekly. The goal of the Steering Committee is to “iron out the details” of among other things, the logo, window poster, website, facebook, T- & Polo shirts, other promotional material etc. so that the monthly discussion group is able to focus on the two primary Buy Harvey objectives.



In the time since that first discussion group, we have created:

  • Buy Harvey Logo
  • Website, buyharvey.com
  • Facebook page, facebook.com/BuyHarvey
  • Buy Harvey window posters
  • Buy Harvey Powerpoint presentation
  • Buy Harvey shirt graphics (t-shirts and polos available to purchase at cost)

All done by volunteers with the website and window posters donated

  • A fair amount of Local awareness and a Buy Harvey “Buzz”


No Membership          No Dues          No Fundraising          No salaries

Buy Harvey is every independent business in Harvey County